Ambient Cellar Cooling


It is estimated that up to a quarter of a pub’s energy bill can be accounted for by its cellar cooling requirements. This means that publicans and breweries are always looking for more cost-effective ways to cool their cellars.

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler uses outdoor ambient air to help keep cellars cool and save money. Most beer cellars are kept at 10°C and the UK temperature between October and April often falls below that figure.  When the outdoor temperature falls to 8°C or below, the J & E Hall ambient beer cooler uses the outdoor air to cool your cellar at a fraction of the cost.



• Up to 40% annual savings over 12 months
• Energy efficient
• Easy to install
• Fits with any make and model of cellar cooler

For pubs and clubs the J & E Hall ambient beer cooler will reduce the amount of time the cellar cooler needs to operate to maintain the required temperature and save money.
The unit is easy to mount and is compatible with any make of new and existing refrigeration cellar cooling system.