Dispense Systems


As one of the only growing markets in the drinks sector, the ability to sell cask ales can be a make or break decision. From installing complete new systems to repairing old system and of course cask ale training and problem solving cellartech can offer you a complete service for cask ale dispense as well as keg.Cellartech Solutions are specialists in all aspects of drinks dispense service and have many years experience of working with and alongside breweries such as Heineken, Inbev and Coors.


We can install, repair and maintain all types of drinks equipment:

• Glycol systems
• Soft drinks
• Full pub refurbishments
• Home bars
• Mobile bar units

We are happy to discuss your needs. Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

British_beer_pumpCask Ale Corner

Here we will highlight common problems associated with cask ale and the reasons why they occur.

Q. My beer is flat and tastes off?

A. How long has the cask been on for? Has it past its best?
A. Is your cellar temperature correct? It should be 12ºC
A. Was your cask vented properly?

Q. My cask ale tastes like vinager?

A. Cask left on sale for too long
A. Cask is infected

Q. Cask ale serving liveley

A. Has your cask been peged and conditioned properly?
A. Is your cask nut connected properly and hop filter fitted?
A. Is your sparkler too tight?
A. Are your lines clean?
A. Cellar cooling at 12ºc
A. Call tech services if none of the above

Q. Handpull hard to pull

A. Is your gas pump on?
A. Is the hop filter clean?
A. Have you left a hard peg in the cask?
A. Call tech services if none of the above

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