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Are you worried your profits are going down the drain? Would you like a way to keep a closer eye on where your draft beers are going? Kegtron Pro is a professional keg monitoring system that allows you to see what happens to every drop of your beer, from anywhere in the world, and helps you keep on top of things like line cleaning and keg management.

Kegtron Pro was designed from the ground up to make your business more efficient and more profitable. It gives you total visibility of your draft operations with a powerful, wireless system Cellartech can quickly and easily install for you. It’s the perfect way to detect wastage and improve your business’ bottom line.

    Boost your profits – Increase your efficiency – Stop the guesswork

    A powerful cellar cooling system

    Complete Keg Visibility

    Precision measurement and reporting of keg levels and serving history. Works with any size keg or serving tank and with any kind of kegged beverage.

    Save Time

    Instant, live inventory of all your kegs, no more lifting and guessing. From your PC, phone or tablet, all of your keg stats are just a click away. See live inventory levels, detailed usage reports, graphs and more. Data is accessible from any web browser and from any location, plus receive text and/or e-mail alerts when kegs are about to run out.

    Increase Your Profits 

    Compare usage reports against your register sales to see if all of your servings are paid for. See exactly how much was poured and when to discover over-pours and giveaways. Get alerts when kegs are being served outside of business hours, and analyze serving data to uncover excessive foaming requiring draft system maintenance.

    Maintain Product Quality 

    Know exactly when your kegs were tapped and the last time your lines were cleaned to ensure the best product for your customers.

    Accessible Anywhere

    See your data from any PC or phone. Note: User must purchase Cloud subscription from Kegtron.


    All the information and reports in Kegtron Pro are accessible worldwide using any web browser or smartphone, including the ability to see multiple locations as well as all the information about individual kegs.

    •  Configurable low and empty detection.
    • Automatic keg change and cleaning detection.
    • Date tapped and date cleaned tracking. Temperature and humidity reporting.
    • Email alerts and notifications.

    Features and Benefits

    • Cloud-based keg management system
    • Access from any computer or mobile device
    • Live view of all keg statistics
    • Every serving measured and timestamped
    • Detailed usage history and graphs
    • Keg change and cleaning detection
    • Temperature and humidity measurements
    • Report generation and data export
    • Keg level alarms and after-hours alerts
    • Secure Wi-Fi data, Rest API
    • Modular panel mount system
    • Dual and quad tap keg versions

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